Underground Women

11th April 2021 14:00-15:00 CET


Despite digital advancements, the spread of technology and the availability of information, information is still hoarded by specific parties. This is attributed to the povertisation policies, the oppression of freedoms and the forms of capitalist colonization. And in this regard, third world countries, especially those with a relogenies background are the worst in intentionally spreading ignorance .

The current global system has been produced by the colonial system, and it leads to the existence of countries that monopolies institutions like education, law, and health. This was imposed by the formation of certain ministries, like health and the health of a person shifted from a responsibility of the family and the society, to become the responsibility of the state. This has led to communities losing basic information about human health, especially in terms of women and sexual health .

According to statistics, Sudan has the highest mortality rate of female deaths worldwide, and this is due to existing policies in Sudan and worldwide un equality, as well as lack of information. From the above, came the idea to focus attention on such issues .

As Sudanese feminist, African women coming from Islamic cultures and conservative families with educational privileges. Thus, came the idea for making a short movie, inspired by our personal experiences, that discusses issues of women and sexual health, and how rooted they are in society in the form of misinformation and myths.

There will be Q&A session after the movie.

Movie name: Underground Women.

Concept of the movie: The movie is composed of a dialogue about women health and sexuality between two female friends who share a living, in a small one bedroom apartment. Ray is a feminist women who graduated from medical school, and Nour, is another feminist woman who graduated from the school of economics.

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