dah project Program


Through The Eyes of independent art advisor, curator, and writer “Myriam Vanneschi”

Mohsen Hazrati and Milad Forouzandeh founded Dar-al-Hokoomeh, a New Media art project in Shiraz, Iran, a year after graduating from Shiraz Art Institute with the vision of creating a space for emerging artistic practices. Dar-al-Hokoomeh has hosted exhibitions, screenings, talks, lectures and workshops and has from its inception been at the forefront of the intersection of culture, art and technology within Iran and on an international level. Dar-al-Hokoomeh produces New Media events that are a chronological step in continuing an Iranian tradition of exploring media ranging from film to video and sound art. Not only through the exploration of the possibilities of New Media itself but also through combining this with an underlying depth, richness and humorous wit that is uniquely Shirazi. While outward looking and working on an international level, Dar-al-Hokoomeh is still firmly grounded in Shiraz, Iran and is inspired by the city’s rich history in the fields of literature and art. With the DAH project, Mohsen and Milad have managed to create a thriving and vibrant New Media art scene in Shiraz that is able to compete with Tehran and other centers of New Media around the world. Dar-al-Hokoomeh has invited curators and artists and have hosted a number of events relating to technology but simultaneously asks visitors online and IRL questions about art, identity and (geo)politics in a serious yet playful manner.