WAF and/Deena Abdelwahed

WAF & Deena Abdelwahed

27th March 2021 20:00-22:00 CET


Let’s think of this work as an object. An object without any (injunction) An object as a (proposition)

Proposition et non pas une injonction. Des choses sans sens (avec une part d’insignifiant). Proposer la chose et laisser libre cours à l’interprétation du sens de la chose. Un drôle de truc en tension entre l’insignifiant et donner un sens. Une invitation au voyage.Un détour oisif pour se re-trouver.

This work is a « flânerie/déambulation » dans les passages entre temps réel and réalité du temps.

As this work is under the influence of hazardous shadows on the measures of our dialogue with each other and with the self, it may still under construction even when you will encounter its first representation as an audio/video combination, that will be diffused online on a suitable date.

This work is for any person that knows already about what we want to say, and have to say, rather than just wanting a proof to believe in many things said and said, over and over since ages but NO ONE seems to care.

May-be, a glimpse of the vision of an idea about the automatization of humanity through social-medias. A collaboration between Wafa Ben Romdhane aka WAF, and Deena Abdelwahed.

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WAF Deena Abdelwahed
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