v'r' storytellers/digital daragaç

V' R' Storytellers - Digital Darağaç

5th April 2021 16:00-17:00 CET

We have been witnessing a period in which artworks transfer from galleries and museums into spaces of daily life and architecture becomes an artwork. As an alternative to institutional spaces of museum and gallery, artists are forming art collectives by settling at low-income neighborhoods. On the contrary to the conventional, introverted spaces designed to function particularly for exhibition, these collectives, without an official and institutional substructure, signify a hybrid, temporary, mobile and functionally blurred concept of “art-space”. In this framework, a case study is conducted on Darağaç Collective which live and produce at Umurbey Neighborhood. The concept of art-space is compared with other art collectives in Turkey by means of group and individual interviews, participant observations, and archival research. This research examines this alternative art collective which has turned the neighborhood into an art-space.

There is no museum / virtual museum in Izmir to house works of the artists. Therefore, artists initiated independent art collectives. DARAĞAÇ artworks are produced and exhibited in uncontrolled environment of the streets of Alsancak Umurbey Neighborhood. Using these artworks as a case study, this research intends to design and implement an augmented reality that works in public spaces where there is uncontrolled light, sound and human traffic.

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