Sudan Education Curriculum

5th April 2021 13:00-14:00 CET

As we all understand the education curriculum is one of the important tools to implement the political ruling regime. Today Sudan after revolution being rule by many different power structure including Militia, arm resistant fighter and Traditional parties, comments, neoliberal and the army of Sudan who has an Islamic background and all of them try to implants in the curriculum. Then how curriculum will be without the point of view of the youth that made the revolution "PC, imperial ideology, western imperialist, Ottoman Empire, Wahhabi...etc."?? A few days ago the prime minister announce the new government of all of the minster being selected from the list from the coalition power in the political seen in Sudan expect the minister of education and curriculum director and they remain silent.

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Rayan Elhadi Elsayed Hima Nour Yahya Hamza Yahya Bakry Mohamed Salih Elsadig Mohmmed Ahmed Mohamed Salah Elmur Mustafa Elsiddeg Mustafa Gasemlbari Marwan Osman
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