safety from/artificial intelligence

Safety From Artificial Intelligence

18th April 2021 19:00-20:30 CET

Besides the positive aspects of artificial intelligence technology, which has entered almost every area of our lives, there are also negative usage areas. What results can our data use without our knowledge or confidentiality agreements we accept without reading? What can be done with synthetic image production? Are we safe enough while the cameras around us detect and record our age, gender, and emotions? How can we protect ourselves from this surveillance? What kind of application is artificial intelligence used in social issues? How much can we trust artificial intelligence? Can we fool him?

While looking for answers to such questions about the negative uses of artificial intelligence today, we will mention the use of artificial intelligence as a control and control mechanism, methods of detecting synthetic images, studies on 'ethical artificial intelligence' and measures and studies developed against these algorithms.

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Hakan Gündüz
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