needle hole/and cannabis/leftover

Needle hole and Cannabis Leftover

28th March 2021 14:00-16:00 CET

Needle hole is an event with four titles , each title is a product from the hemp plant and each product has its own process, each process will take one day.

Within the open space of Shahrban in this event, and in partnership with the children of Budai, we will document some of our activities in the use of leftover cannabis. we will make four producst. Each product has its own process. We will perform each process in saparate . First we will make hemp milk, it is made from the original seeds that contains a super food nutrition. We will show the process from collecting the seeds untill it's a fresh milk. We will show the nutrition lable also. The second day we will make the fibers. Also we will show the whole process and show our equipments that we make it with collaboration with some friends. The third day we well make papers and show the process and finally the fourth day we will make the stones. Also we screen some visuals edited on life sounds and tones.

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