how to build/a world/storytelling in/digital environments

How to build a world: "Storytelling in digital environments"

10th April 2021 18:00-20:00 CET

18:00-20:00 (CET)


This panel aims at reflecting collectively on the transformative power of storytelling by improving the collaboration between the colliding worlds of journalism and creative tech.

The conversation targets digital artists, writers, producers, designers, journalists and researchers, as well as anyone interested in learning, discussing and developing a critical understanding of the intersections between media production and new technologies. We ask how to facilitate an integrated development of journalistic content presented in multiple formats through different expressions of creative tech. ADEF invites Alessandro Bertelle and Yasmin Elayat to discuss the challenges and opportunities of creative tools: from immersive to interactive experiences, from VR/AR, gaming environments to interactive, and participatory content.

This event will take place on: AmberNetworkFestival Conference Room

and streamed on: AmberNetworkFestival Youtube

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Laura Cugusi Alessandro Bertelle Yasmin Elayat Ranwa Yehia Hossam Shukrallah Karim Ghaleb Mansour Aziz Maysara Abdulhag Ahmed Gharbeya
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