how do I know/what I know

How do I Know What I Know?

20th April 2021 17:00-18:00 CET

A collective game based on the simulation of a process in which unverified information turns into fact thanks to its fast-paced distribution in digital environment. The game will be open to everyone's participation on Instagram, and at the end, the participants' content contributions will turn into a data analysis and be exhibited. We tend to believe any information we are exposed to on social media. By sharing them with an urge to “keep up with the current”, we all contribute to the acceptance of the so-called reality produced by online pseudo-sources spreading unverified information by referencing each other. But, do we know how we have obtained every information we add into this data pool able to turn anything into a fact? “How do I Know What I Know?” asks the participants to join a game/experiment on how unverified information turns into reality on social media. It begins with an image published by the game initiator on Instagram with the #bildiğimineredenbiliyorum and #howdoiknowwhatiknow hashtags. Underneath the image, she adds the information she wants to share and a fictional or hypothetical story on how she obtained it. Participants either take the image and change the story, or take the text and share it with another image. This way, a cloud of unverified data emerges around the hashtags. The images and texts obtained at the end are shared with the public in the form of data mapping.

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