Decolonizing Imaginaries : Inve[r]/[n]ting paradigms

21st March 2021 15:00-15:00 CET

Post-digital Ignorance in our region may refer to our ignorance of our roots, pre-colonial values, mythologies and imaginaries. This category of Ignorance is very visible in the mainstream art field where we try to duplicate the model found in the West. Our galleries, concepts of art and inspirations are mostly western because the whole ecosystem is built to sell, and please sellers who are mostly from the western world or are hugely influenced by the latter, which can distort the creativity and authenticity of our art world.

In the global post-digital era, a lot of underground artists exist and resist, and find their inspiration in their futuristic roots, and they deconstruct the dominant aesthetics by investing the glitch, the distorted and the error.

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Younes El Hossaini Badr Houary Elodie Lanard Simo Mansouri Abdessamad Baddis Youssef El Idrissi Fatine Arafati Kawtar Benlakhdar Abir Guasmi Salma Kossemini Constance Léon Tewa Bernossa
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