can wonders/lead to/other coexistences

Can wonders lead to other coexistences?

28th April 2021 13:00-14:00 CET

How can we shift from post-digital ignorance to post-digital wisdom? In this event, participants will create their own wonderland, on the basis of pandemic conditions we have been through for the last year. The proliferation of virtual applications, stiffening of the feeling of social isolation as technology pushes the limits, and the importance of questioning the accuracy of the information instead of directly accepting it, will be the subjects to be emphasized. The event will also include practices like questioning the (possible, probable and plausible) future(s) of a city where human-viruses and other creatures live by using design as a form of thought catalyzer. Participants from other disciplines will be expected to produce poster designs in visual or text form, using their own design language.


Hakan Ergun Mehmet Erkök Ecehan Toprak
amberPlatform workshop design misinformation speculation