The Intermingled

7th April 2021 15:00-16:00 CET

Here we joined our killer, our hearts hunted a paid bullet. Here we conquered our fear, shit and differences. Here a zgrudah (ululation) from a revolutionist mixed with the cheerful machine gun that killed a child, that freedom whispered in his eager ears a false hope. Here the bloods of martyrs intermingled with a saxophonist soldier whose soul escaped the shame. Here we met with little's, elders, bosses and poor's. Here we encountered with smiles and assassins. Here we waited for Atbara artillery. Here the fear, joy, tiredness, devotion, love and freedom. Here they killed youths but they couldn't kill their dreams. Here we brought earth and heaven together in a portrait that even the ancient gods cannot imagine . It is the most powerful & reputed unit in the Sudan army, the revolutionists waited its interference for long, but to no avail & eventually it turned into a joke.

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Rayan Elhadi Elsayed Hima Nour Yahya Hamza Yahya Bakry Mohamed Salih Elsadig Mohmmed Ahmed Mohamed Salah Elmur Mustafa Elsiddeg Mustafa Gasemlbari Marwan Osman
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