motavali 2/media/performances

7th April 2021-9th April 2021

Motavali 2 | Online Media Performances

Kasraa Paashaaie Arash Fayez Forough Fami Mahoor Mirshakkak Raheleh Bahrami Farnoosh Allahverdi Nik Amirali Ghasemi Ghazel Studio 51 Martin Shamoonpour

07.04, 08.04, 09.04 18:00-20:00 (CET)

Motavali (Continuous) brings together various performative positions across different disciplines from Lecture Performance to Multimedia Installations. The projects which are featured on Motavali's line-up are in the process of being made, being revised or tested in the eyes of - now virtual - audience. This year, (as we write this intro text in February 2021) we are still facing the same issues fears and restrictions, while most of our interactions and urgent matters in life are happening “online”. It seems inevitable that we have to examine these presences and absences simultaneously. And there is a lot to take in, how we cope with these changes while emotional and economic pressures might force us to act/react irresponsibly toward already collapsing societies and the artificial and passive togetherness. Motavali tend to discuss and articulate these concerns & hopefully beyond.

New Media Society performance performance artificial togetherness absence/presence