knowing is/an illusion

Knowing is an Illusion: Water Truth Egg

23rd March 2021 16:00-17:00 CET

Taking the birth and transmission of knowledge via digital platforms as its base, the workshop focuses on the aesthetics of the cumulative nature of information that is unlearned and relearned in a holistic, experience-oriented, democratic and de-colonialist manner, in which the practice travels around the theory and the mainstream meanings attached are questioned. As a counter-discourse to the potentially alienating power of digital information flow from the objective reality (or facts), this unlearn and relearn practice offers a concentration on the question ‘is it really like this, or do I perceive this way?’ in our post-truth society enhanced by the digital culture. This questioning happens in the liminal space between the duality of perception and fact.

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Ozan Atalan
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