amberPlatform Program


BIS (Body Process arts Association) also known as amberPlatform is an Istanbul based association that aims to explore artistic forms of expression at the conjunction of the body and the digital process. BIS aims to create an international discussion and production platform in its local on the conjunction of art and technology in general.

The concept of body-process refers to the inevitable relation between the modern human and technological processes and tools. Starting from the observation that new technologies increasingly manage practical and critical aspects of our lives such as communication, health and security, this concept orients itself to think about the fluid boundaries between body and technology and the consequences of their interaction.

amberPlatform organizes "amber Art and Technology Festival" annually, directs international artistic research and creation projects. amberPlatform focuses on creating a community of research, creation, production and education in the junction of art, technology and thought. Simultaneously, amberPlatform seeks to create an international network of artists, researchers and technicians with whom it would collaborate in a spirit of cooperation and exchange. It thus aims to participate in universal art from a local and regional perspective. amberPlatform prioritizes new openings in the field of art and technology that is brought on by cultural exchange and cooperation projects that also include artists and initiatives that are not part of the Global art circuits.

Curatorial Statement

WE LIVE IN AN AGE OF IGNORANCE. In the midst of the information explosion, there has been an ignorance explosion as well. Despite the excess of emphasis on intelligence and smartness, today we are experiencing the contagion of ignorance at a planetary scale. Ignorance is commonly emerging and underestimated when there is a knowledge gap, that is where knowledge has not yet fixed and infiltrated. In this way, ignorance becomes a kind of vacuum or hollow space into which knowledge is pulled. Therefore it is critical to explore how ignorance is produced, maintained and manipulated purposefully in diverse settings. Can ignorance be a tactical construct in which masses can be controlled? How can we use ignorance as a resource for creative and experimental interventions? How can we explore the role of digital technologies in causing the instrumentalization and propagation of ignorance? In a’21 amber network festival, amberPlatform is focused on agnotology, which is the study of ignorance making. Rather than over control and over determination by selecting the works that have focus on ignorance, the curatorial approach adopted ignorance as a generative and immersive resource and opened itself to collective research in progress. As for ignorance is a product of inattention and cacophony, and since we cannot study all things, the contributors are asked what they find necessary to work and create ways of dealing with and revealing ignorance. The focus of the works, such as disinformation, climate change, quir-feminist interventions, speculative design fiction, and AI and virtual reality, demonstrates that the conditions of ignorance making is dispersed. Thus, evaluating post-digital ignorance as a research problem with its different aspects, amberPlatform collectively examines, questions, experiments and produces research outputs that can be exhibited and shared with works that form an “Open Lab of Ignorance.”

Ebru Yetiskin amberPlatform Curator

secrecy #stupidity #apathy #censorship #disinformation #misconception #ignore #care #forgetfulness.