Absorbing Ignorance: Experiential Illusions

19th April 2021 14:00-14:30 CET

‘’But man is the most ignorant in moments in which he trusts himself the most.'' - Ape and Essence, Aldous Huxley In these short video seminars that explore the virtual plane of reality and the realism of virtuality through today's popular culture that evolved from myths, tales and legends, we will investigate the history of our gaze now lost in the hypnotic flow of a kind of ignorance glorified under the name of knowledge. While chronologically reviewing the relationship of the moving image with the observer and the way cinematic editing manages mass perception as an art of creating reality, we will examine the concept of Immersion as the purpose of breaking away from existence. We will touch upon the physical impact of developing "absorbing" technologies on the masses, its relationship with ancient practices such as meditation and hypnosis, and our main motivations behind our "Suspension of Disbelief" processes. Our biggest misconception about "New Media” - which are the new versions of old formations that have been constructed several times and updated with modern technologies - is perhaps that they are new. By referring to early examples in history and questioning the physicality created by the transformation of Cinematic Technologies, we will look at concepts such as New, Media, Virtual, Reality from a different perspective. As we discover our efforts to create a seamless illusion of reality, and therefore the story of the term Virtual Reality dating back to the dawn of our civilisation, we will approach the narrative-based functioning of human perception - which is at the origin of all these mechanisms - on the basis of the concept of mental fiction. As the ever-growing world of experiential delusions draws us in, are we also being drawn into our own selves? Is the current form of reality subjective or collective? Or is it time for us to re-define reality all over again?

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Lara Kamhi
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